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Welcome to Skyrule

Hey pack, what’s goin’ on?

Nerdwulf here to tell you about our new website!

Let’s talk about who’s currently behind the curtain.

Nerdwulf/ Korbin: This weirdo made a couple videos as a kid and now spends a lot of his time playing games and epicly failing just for your entertainment.

Jadon (Username is up in the air): Spends his time filling you with gaming facts and playing games with Nerdwulf. He understands philosophy about video games that no one really thought about before he came along.

TheivingWord85: Plays games and “YOLO mode”s WAY too much! He’ll ragequit and scream a lot! He also plays games with Nerdwulf!

Together they created Skyrule (Skyrim + Hyrule), a place for them to play games together, hang out and you can watch! Just go ahead and get caught up in the calamity that takes place in Skyrule, If you want to live!