About us!

Skyrule was created by Nerdwulf after barely breaking 600 views on one of his videos on YouTube. He brought the idea to his friends who said it was a stupid idea. But over time, his friends joined in and started wreaking havoc on the Skyrule.

Skyrule draws inspiration from Nerdwulf’s favorite YouTuber: PeanutButterGamer and his collaboration website: Normalboots.com

Skyrule will have a video up twice a month once we get everything going properly usually we’ll have a video game collab and a skit involving two or more of us. There are exceptions though…  sometimes we’ll do something different along the lines of two game videos in a row or even two skits in a row.

and keep in mind, that if it weren’t for the Skylians, We’d have no motivation to make videos so thanks to EVERYBODY!

Join in the calamity that happens at Skyrule twice a month by going to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyeJPTfXMNj5xxhIUJDLAsQ

See you then!


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