Hyrule Warriors character de-bunked?

Volga is a character that is introduced very early in the game. You fight him many times again, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I know who Volga is, AND I have a theory on when Hyrule Warriors would take place, if it was part of the timeline.

Let’s start with who he is. Volga (I theorize) is the humanoid version of Volvagia. Volvagia is the dragon that Link fights in the fifth temple (The Fire temple.) of Ocarina of Time. During the game, you are told that Volvagia was revived by Ganondorf to eat the powerful race of Gorons who inhabited Death Mountain. Though, Volvagia is a dragon, Volva has very clear dragon-like powers. That is my main selling point. Along with design, attitude and fire! Lots of fire…

If Volvagia is a resurrected form of Volga, then my theory about the timeline is that Hyrule warriors takes place either in-between Four swords and Ocarina of Time or before Skyward Sword. More likely set right before Ocarina of Time, that way, when the dimensions split, you have past, (Skyward Sword) present, (Ocarina of Time) and future. (Twilight Princess) so yeah. That’s a thing.
Comment what you think about my theory, or theories of your own! Thanks for reading.


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