Nerdwulf: Why I haven’t been posting

Hey Pack, Nerdwulf here.

Okay so there are a few reasons why I haven’t been posting videos on YouTube and they all have legitimate structure so bare with me.

First off the last month of my time was devoted to line memorization of Shakespeare’s play “Richard the 3rd” which is running July 31st – August 9th at the Emilyann Theatre and Gardens in Wimberley TX. It’s an awesome play and I hope you guys come see it, you can get info here:

I’ve also been trying to tone my body whilst rehearsing for Richard with an alternative method called “Parkour” and you can find out more about that at:

Lastly, I’ve been waiting on Thieving (from Skyrule) to get a computer (which he finally ordered) and Jadon was supposed to take over Skyrule while I’m on my downtime, but he hasn’t! (the lazy bum!) He was out of commission for a while due to Wi-Fi errors, but I know he has access to it now so you guys should bug him about that!

I AM working on a new video for the pack and it should be up in a few days, look forward to it!

Peace out!


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